In my personal life I love to solve brain-teasers and my latest hobby is home staging. I have lived in 5 countries and I speak fluently English, Italian and Polish.

Accoridng to the Myers-Briggs theory, I have the Advocate personality (INFJ-T), whereas my predominant talent according to the Gallup Methodology is Harmony - ability of helping others see that what they have in common is more powerful than their differences.






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I am a marketing professional with experience coming from South, Central and Eastern Europe where I have worked for numerous "love" brands renowned for their exceptional customer experience.


In my career I have been responsible for local marketing strategies for such brands as Giorgio Armani Beauty, Sisley Paris and Nespresso, just to name a few. I also led local launches of such brands as Kiehl's, Urban Decay and Nespresso Vertuo. 


I specialize in crafting effective go-to-market strategies and delivering premium omni-channel customer experiences within B2B2C and D2C models, both in retail and online. Drawing from extensive experience in marketing and sales, I assist brands with winning strategies while embodying a "think global, act local" approach.


Recently, I expanded my expertise into sustainability — a fairly complex area which will soon shape the European business landscape. As a B Leader trained in B Lab Switzerland, I guide companies in assessing and enhancing their social and environmental performance, steering them through the B Corp Certification process. Additionally, I have completed a course in Corporate Sustainability Management at Yale School of Management, enabling me to support clients in strategic sustainability matters.


I set up my consultancy activity to combine my marketing passion and expertise with helping companies to run more sustainable businesses. As marketing strategies will continue to pivot toward sustainability in the coming years, my mission is to guide organizations through this transition, teaching them how to prioritize sustainability, without compromising the turnover and their promotional plan.

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